Women Needs More Sleep than Men, Study Reveals

Women SleepAfter starting married life, most of the couples argued on the question that who sleeps more and both of them points each other. Normally, husbands claim that because of hectic routine and lots of work in the office or shop, they need more sleep than their wives. On the other end, wives claim that they work for the whole day in home without taking any rest, so they need more sleep than husbands.

Despite of the arguments from both the sides, study has revealed that women needs more sleep than men. In a study conducted by Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University, the experts have claimed that the women brains are more complex than men; this is why they need around 20 more minutes to sleep than men. In another study, the experts have claimed that depression, anger and psychological distress don’t let women to sleep with ease as compared to men.

In order to improve the quality of sleep, health experts have suggested women to set a routine of sleep and keep themselves away from sugar, coffee and chocolates before sleep. Experts have also suggested women to do yoga and other relaxation exercises on daily basis in order to improve quality of sleep.

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