Woman Drenched With petrol and Be On Fire Alive On Train India

trainThe railway police, searching the death of a woman who was put on fire inside a empty train partition on Monday, have released a uneven sketch of a man supposed to be in the age group 22 to 25, who has done the crime. According to the police, the incident happened on Monday morning around 4:30am on the Kannur-Kayamkulam Executive Express and offcials speak the police has got some very important evidence about the suspect.

A young man and a woman were seen in conflict as they stolled on the platform. The two heading to the train that was to go away later. Those in attendance at the point had provided  a brief explanation of the man and with their help the railway police and the Railway Protection Force made the sketch that has currently been got public.

According to the police, the two boarded the 13th sections of the train much before the exiting time and after a while, people observed fire in the section. The man who was then watched rapidly came out of the train, vanished into the darkness.

When police officers reached to the section, the woman had suffered harsh burns as she was doused with alcohol. She passed away at the Kozhikode Medical College Hospital and her body was provided to her relatives after carried out the post mortem.

She was recognized as 45-year-old Khadeeja and lived in Kondotti area in Malappuram district. KK Shailaja said that this was yet another case of assault against women in the train. For long we have been insistent for the sending police inside the train sections and on railway platforms.

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