Will You Still Vote To PPP?

Private news channels are promoting Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) these days as they are airing paid advertisements of the PPP on daily basis. The advertisement is divided into three parts. In the first part, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is delivering his speech to the nation and claiming to improve the lifestyles of the people or the standards of their living. In the second part, the martyred, Benazir Bhutto, is claiming the same as her father did in the past! In the third part of the advertisement, Mr. Bilawal Zardari, who has nothing to do with Pakistan, is delivering the same speech.

Doubtless, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benzair Bhutto somewhat fulfilled their promises and tried to provide “Roti, Kapra Or Makan” to the nation whereas Asif Ali Zardari deprived the nation of “Roti, Kapra Or Makan”. When he could not remove his hunger for money, he changed his son’s name, adding Bhutto in his name so that he could misguide the nation and loot the country on the name of Bhutto family.

A question arises here if Bhutto family is still alive? Surely it is alive in the heart of the nation but the family has passed away and no one can replace the family by changing their names or adding “Bhutto” in their names! Corruption, Inflation, unemployment, terrorism, energy crises, CNG issue, PIA, Steel Mills, Pakistan Railway and other crises have gobbled the nation due to huge corruption by PPP.

Nepotism is on hike in the country, even the ruling party while completing its tenure rewarded with great jobs to its close party workers in various departments of Sindh. Such situation closed the doors of employments or jobs for the young generation and they are holding weapons in order to fulfill their needs today.

Perhaps, the election commission of Pakistan should take notice of paid advertisements of the PPP or other parties and bound the news channels not to air such paid advertisements of any parties. Also the nation should seriously consider the chaos in the country and it is an urgent need to wake up for change and hang the corrupt leaders! Boycott such parties which already have destroyed the country and not to cast their votes to such corrupted parties.

By: Hafiz Muhammad Noman

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