Why People Loves Pizza So Much! Study Revealed

pizzaThese days you can find large number of Pizza lovers as Pizza has become happy food for everyone but do you know why people love pizza so much? Well, you are not far away from the answer because The University of Michigan has revealed in a study that there are several addictive properties in Pizza such as fats and carbohydrates which tend to related with addictive-like eating behaviors.

The study which published in the US National Library of Medicine also said that foods which contain sugar and fats play an important role in the changing of dopamine system which is related to reward and pleasure behaviors.  However, cheese which highly found in Pizza is the biggest addictive property of Pizza as cheese is made up of casein protein which is associated with pain control, reward and addiction.

Similarly, study further revealed that those food which contains drugs of abuse properties are mostly like to be favorite food of everyone because these foods usually have high tendency of absorption. Although, you may also notice that pizza has large number of lovers as compare to chocolate, cake and French fries because of both rapid rate of fats and carbohydrates.

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