Where to Contact If Passport Goes Missing In Pakistan?

If you a citizen of Pakistan or a citizen of any other country and the problem in which you have stuck is that your passport has been lost or stolen in such conditions you have to contact the government organizations. There are many people in Pakistan in which many are foreigners and many are even the citizens of Pakistan who are suffering with the problem of a lost or stolen passport.

In such a situation many people can’t understand what to do and where to go especially people from outside the country as they do not have any information, don’t know about places and no dear ones to go and ask help for. So here we are going to give some easy steps by telling them the way how to get rid of such problem in a country like Pakistan. Where many people do fraud by taking the money and not solving the problem.

In case of lost or stolen passport all one has to do is to immediately go to police station and register a report of lost or stolen passport. Once you have done with that you would be provided with an F.I.R which would be the proof of your problem. After that you visit the embassy of your country which is situated in Pakistan. There you have to submit an application of the lost or stolen passport as early as possible. You would have to submit certain documents and the fees.

The documents include your proof a citizen of that country neutralization and birth certificates, previously issued passport (original or copy of all the above things), one of your passport size 2*2 inches photograph (note: it should not be edited or done anything that changes your appearance) and the submission of the police report.

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