Whatsapp Released Web Version For Your Desktop

Whatsapp WebPopular Instant messaging app for smartphones Whatsapp has released Web Version for the user’s desktop. Web client version of Whatsapp is now introduced for the computer users also which was previously available for mobile phone users. Web version of Whatsapp contains some limitations and the basic limitation is that it can only downloaded through Google Chrome. No other browser would be able to download the Whatsapp web client version that will definitely restricted the users of other browser to have this app on their computers. According to Whatsapp, Google Chrome is the only browser that would able to download the web client version however this service will be also available for other browsers soon.

While introducing this app, the CEO of whatsapp said that this app can easily downloaded by the Google Chrome users however will be soon available for the users who are using other browser. To download this app on desktop, you can simply open the chrome browser and type web.whatsapp.com and press Enter. Web extension page of Whatapp will open that will give you QR code. Just simply scan that QR code on your mobile and from then you can easily use Whatsapp through desktop of your computer. Whatsapp service is available for Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry while iPhone user are not able to use this service.Whatsapp-Released-Web-Version

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