What Are The Benefits of NICOP?

If you live abroad and possess your National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) then consider yourself a lucky national of Pakistan, because you are the one who can make the most of it. There are different benefits you can enjoy while having NICOP with you.

The first thing is that you can enjoy free visa entry to Pakistan. You must know that visa of the country is needed whenever you want to stay in any country, but here your own country gives you this freedom to prolong your stay by just having NICOP. Besides this, you will have proof of your Pakistan citizenship abroad; where people from abroad will not tease you because you will be having the evidence of your nationality. After this, in Pakistan you will have protection rights which are enjoyed by all the Pakistanis. In your own country, you will have liberty to travel everywhere, and express your views about anything.

Moreover, on every platform you will have full recognition as a regular Pakistani citizen inspite of this fact that you don’t have NIC and you haven’t spent much time here. People who are willing to do business from Pakistan, can also have the accessibility to market, legally speaking. In addition to this, if you have intentions to sell out your property or buy a new property in any of the cities of Pakistan, you can go ahead with this, by just holding your NICOP. Remember your NICOP is basically a substitute for the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), and you can utilize it whenever and wherever it is needed.

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