Waris Shah Fast Train Stations and Daily Timing  and Schedule

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Waris Shah Fast Train is a regular, fast and renowned Pakistani train running for a long time. It is a locally popular train in public and is running for a long time with perfection. The train runs between the stations of Lahore and Shorkot. The train runs on daily basis. Exact name of stations are Lahore 207 and the other is named Shorkot 208. Timings of Mixed Passenger Train at all stations presented here with respect to the recent schedule available.

Stations and Timings of Waris Shah Train from Lahore to Shorkot:

From Lahore to Mahmunwali:

Train starts its journey at Lahore Junction by 12:15, moves ahead and reaches Badami Bagh at 12:24, then Shahdara Bagh Junction at 12:30, then Missan Kalar at 12:42, then Chichoki Mallian at 12:54, then Qila Sheikupura Junction on 13:05 and then at Mahmunwali at 13:37.

From Warburton to Jaranwala:

The train leaves Mahmunwali at 13:38, heads to Warburton and reaches there 13:52, then Nankana Sahab at 14:08, then Buchiana at 14:35, then Punj Pulla (Halt) at 14:50 and then Jaranwala at 15:15.

From Tafail Shaheed to Chak Turan and Forward:

From here train reaches Tafail Shaheed at 15:25, then Rurala Road at 15:45, then Sarwar Shaheed at 15:58, the Jhok Ditta at 16:05, then Chak Turan at 16:17, then Tandlianwala at 16:27, then Chak Inrahim Bhatti at 16:46, then Mandi Rahme Shah at 16:54, then Kanjwani at 17:01.

The train then touches the stations of Kot Khair Din, Mannjhla Bagh, Mamu Kanjan, Kot Darya Bal, Kamalia, Magneja, Pir Mahal, Naim Ashfaq Shaheed and lastly Shorkot Cantt Junction at 19:00.

Stations and Timings of Waris Shah Train from Shorkot to Lahore:

Order of stations from Shorkot to Lahore is in reverse order to the stations mentioned above.

Note: Price and fare of ticket are subjected to regular changes and responsible department should be called. Helpline number is 0213544111.

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