A virus That Can Hack Facebook Account & PC

ffffNew York: Facebook is to be cautioned that forward using this website and loot your money and attack on computer and spreading viruses on your PC faster. Recently, the internet was under attack last night by the fastest-growing computer virus in history. It is supposed to have cost businesses alone hundreds of millions in lost orders and system crashes. The global price would be huge.

First Fraud begin of the iPhone 6 is being lured. Users are told that they can win a free iPhone 6, and they are given a link to click on, which is the first to complete a survey. In the appearance of the survey name, e-mail and other information which is misused and can be exchanged through the huge amount of users is braided. The second picture is a fraud, stating that it is the video of the beheading of a woman, her husband and kissed him on the neck and killed off. Click this link to download a plug-in which is given a link to click on the user’s computer virus is a program that downloads the data destroying and stealing valuable works and information.

Security experts said that the free iPhone and murdered women do not accept an offer to show the video, and similar to the way the incident was reported from.

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