Viber Gets Video Chat And A Visual Refresh For Its 5.0 Release

viberViber has modernized its Android apps with one of the characteristics that mostly users have been greatly craving for video calls on mobile devices. It means that you are able to obtain video calls with your Viber contacts, providing the messenger a fierce participant to Skype. Popular service that permitted video calls on mobile devices. Viber permits you to shift the video calls in question between your mobile device and the desktop client of the messaging service.

Viber for both iOS and Android are treated to a border overhaul. It now has a different, see-through icon set, as well as slightly rounded contact thumbnails. The chat looks slightly different as well. Another new option permits Viber’s fans to make and forward brief video messages, which include of an animated avatar and the users own voice. You would quickly insert a contact in the app by scanning a QR code or by simply in listing their phone number in Viber. The app is now accessible in some new languages such as Bulgarian, Serbian, and Persian.

The update is rolling out as we tell, so you may have to stay a little before you get it.

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