How To Use Internet On Your Computer For Other Devices As Well

PTCL was the first to initiate 3G services in Pakistan through PTCL EVO 3G and Nitro Cloud, but these devices do not allow the user to connect internet to other devices such as laptops and smart phones. Users can buy a new 3G Wireless Router and plug-in Evo in it to share internet, but that will require spending money. There is another idea to control devices with ease and is absolutely free!

Connectify software can be used for this purpose. This software will convert windows 7 and 8 computers and laptops into Wi-Fi router so that the internet can be used on all devices. But windows 7 is an older version of the window and doesn’t have the router ability installed on it, so it will have a problem working with Connectify.  You can password protect your wireless network as well as monitor your computers in LAN network. In free version you can only add 10 computers at a time with network name starting with Connectify-any name etc.

Features of Connectify:

  1. Connectify converts the computer into Wi-Fi Hotspot and makes internet available for the other devices as well.
  2. It can also share internet from other Wi-Fi Networks.
  3. Connectify gives a list of all the devices that are linked to its hotspot.
  4. A password can be set to restrict access to the device.
  5. The computers and Networks present on its network can be restricted in a number of ways, such as you can restrict internet access for anyone computer or you can close LAN access also.
  6. The network built through Connectify can be used as a normal LAN network.

How to share PTCL EVO:

There are two conditions for using this software. Firstly, the device that needs to be converted into a Hotspot must have the feature of Wi-Fi in it. Desktop computers don’t have Wi-Fi feature at times. You can always install wireless LAN card easily. Secondly, this software can only be used on Windows 7 or 8, as the software uses the ability of the windows Virtual Router to convert it into a Hotspot. This capability is not available in the older versions of Windows. The devices connecting with the computer having Connectify doesn’t require the latest windows.

Connectify Settings:

connectify (2)After downloading Connectify, install it on the computer. Select a name for your network and then set the password. To use this software for free, it is necessary that the network’s name start with Connectify such as, Connectify-com.  You can select a name of your choice in the professional version of Connectify. Also select the type of internet connection that you want to share. Select the Wi-Fi present in your system and the start the Hotspot.

Your computer has been converted into a Hotspot. If you will search for a wireless network through other devices, your Hotspot will appear on them. You can enter the password to connect that device. The computer with Connectify will give you the list of computers connected to it. You can also take various actions on this computer, such as fondling out the IP of another computer connected to yours or restricting access to your computer’s network.

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