Unlawful Expats Working As University Lecturers

GirlRiyadh: According to sources in an online periodical, Shaqra University has supposedly appointed numerous expats as educational who are not under their sponsorship. According to reports that the expats are doing as academics at the university English courses, despite keeping “not authorized to work” mentioned on their residence authorized.

The report stated that they had photographs mentioning the iqama of a woman expats with this notification, and of the person’s plans mentioning she would perform over 20 lectures.
related cases were known at the medical, arts and science faculty, the report stated. According to the online publication, this is a violation of the country’s labor laws and deprives citizens of jobs. The report also raised questions about the qualifications of the foreigners.

The report stated, quoting earlier reports, that the university has finalized the sponsorship transfers of 50 expatriates from a local training company. It also pointed out that some citizens were annoyed because they were not thought for the positions of professors, lecturers and assistant professors. In the meantime, in the advice of the Mayor of Riyadh Abdullah Al-Muqbil, raids were performed to handle insecure and unlawful put into practice at shops in the Malaz and Batha regions of the capital.


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