University of Tuscia, Italy Offers Valuable PhD Scholarships

The University of Tuscia is situated in the city of Viterbo in Italy. It was established in 1979. The university is very dynamic in taking part in various projects both nationally and internationally. The teaching and administrative staff of the university has around 300 members while the amount of students in the university is an average of around 11,000.

The university comprises of total six faculties that are the faculty of Agriculture, faculty of cultural heritage, faculty of economics, faculty of language and foreign modern literatures, faculty of Mathematics, physical and Natural sciences and faculty of political sciences.

Faculty of Agriculture was the first faculty that started to give lectures in the university after which other faculties were added time by time. The newly and most recently added faculty is of the political sciences.  At present the university is working of many projects that were given to it by the EU among which mostly are taken by the department of agriculture.

The University of Tuscia provides 14 different lines of degrees in PHD level and 15 degrees in master’s levels. It also provides scholarship programs for international students on yearly basis. The most recent scholarship program provided by the university was most probably started in November 2013. While the last date for the submission of application forms is 2nd December 2013.

The successful candidates in the scholarship program will be rewarded by 1137 Euros on monthly basis. The fields offered by the university in the scholarship program are as follows:

  • Department of humanities and social studies
  • Department of agriculture, forest, nature and engineering
  • Department of ecological and biological sciences
  • Department of innovation in biological, agro food and forest systems
  • Department of cultural heritage and sciences

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