United Arab Emirates Makes It Compulsory For Citizens To Serve The Armed Forces

arab soldiersAbu Dhabi: The United Arab Emirates has issued a law according to which the Arab citizens will have to serve their armed forces for two years in the current situation of increasing state of lawlessness and crime in the region. Young men from ages 18 to 30 years in good health will have to join the forces and it was deemed mandatory by the government that these men serve the armed forces in the current situation for two years.

According to the Arab website, the president of United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Khalifa Zaid-un-Nahyaan issued the new law. Young men who have completed their high school education or its equivalent education will be required to serve the armed forces for 9 months. Individuals without any school degree will be required to serve the forces for two years. Women can join the forces on their choice. But the women will need permission from their guardian. The women will be required to serve for 9 months, which will include training as well.

This law has been enforced on the public by the United Arab Emirates to increase patriotism among the people and to make them aware of their duties to their country. The government had decided to implement this law by January of this year.

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