UK New Visa Policy Grants Pakistani Students 2 Year Work Permit

University graduates

UK government under Prime Minister Boris Johnson has changed the visa policies for international students and now Pakistani students can get a 2 year work permit visa after graduation.

Previously the visa policy of UK allowed international students to find a job within 4 months of completing their bachelors or masters degree program.

British government is aiming to increase the number of international students in UK. In 2018 more than 460,000 international students graduated from universities in UK. The education department aims to increase the numbers to 600,000 in the next 10 years.

While talking about this change in visa policy PM Boris Johnson said that it will enable students to unlock their potential.

This new policy will be applicable from next year, which means any student from Pakistan studying in a British institution will qualify for a two year period to work in UK. Remember United Kingdom is the most preferred destination in Europe by Pakistanis.

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