UAE Employment Visa Rules and Regulations

UAE Employment Visa Rules and RegulationsThe relationship between employers and employees is governed by Federal Act Number 8 of 1980 and its amendments. The Act is applicable to all employment relationships when engaging an employee, whether a UAE citizen or a foreigner. It is not applicable in the case of employment by a government authority.

A work permit is provided by the Ministry for two years, matter to regeneration for comparable periods. Employment contracts would be for a limited period particular in the contract or for an unrestricted period, in which case the employee would keep on working with his employer until the contract is finished.

Working hours

Working hours are eight hours a day or 48 hours a week. However, for persons or employees in trade, hotels, and restaurants, the daily working hours would be enhanced to nine hours. For overtime work, the employee is permitted to an amount corresponding to the wage compensated for ordinary working hours, plus 25%. Overtime might not go beyond two hours per day unless essential. An employee is permitted to an annual leave of 30 days, and motherhood leave and sick leave are not part of the annual leave.

As per the UAE Labour Law, employers ought to tolerate the cost of visa fee of the employee and the health insurance reporting of the partner and two dependents below 18 years of age, and their other document fees like national identity cards (Emirates ID), are given by the employee.
• The employer would be relevant to Medical, Emirates ID, Labour Contract and Resident visa within 60 days from the date of worker’s entry. Visa is applicable for two years.
• A copy of the Employment Contract has to be provided to the worker.

• There has to be one day-off for the employee.
• Overtime has to be provided to the worker beyond 8 hours and 9 hours correspondingly.
• Gratuity or service benefits have to be provided to the employee upon achievement of contract agreement.

Household Service Workers: 
• Household Service Workers (HSWs) has to have Emirates ID, Immigration contract and residence visa for 2 years. If the sponsor is a foreign person, then the residence visa is entitled for 1 year only, renewable yearly. Medical test is necessary for first visa stamping and renewal. Sri Lankan and Indonesian housemaids ought to perform Medical test from their home country also.


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