The Truth Behind Operation In Northern Waziristan

nawaz sharifIslamabad: An internal report has come to surface regarding the political leadership of the decision taken on the operation in the Northern areas of Waziristan. According to the sources, the prime minister of Pakistan was not ready for the operation in Northern Waziristan, inspite of mounting pressures, but in the wake of the recent attack on the Karachi airport, he had to decide otherwise. The prime minister was against the operation as he feared that it would hurt the political position of Muslim League. The Pakistan armed forces took a lot of time in convincing the Pakistani Prime minister of the operation but were eventually successful.

The Armed Forces have assured the prime minister that they were prepared to deal with any repercussions of the operation in Waziristan. The Prime Minister was in favour of talks initially and was against an armed operation in Waziristan inspite of the delays in mediation. But the attack on the Karachi airport led him to change his decision and he agreed for an operation in the tribal areas of Waziristan.

The prime minister was informed about the vitality of an operation in Waziristan and how important it was to protect the military assets and the lives of the Pakistani public. The armed forces had hinted earlier of an operation in Waziristan but they also asked to maintain secrecy about the intended operation. According to sources, in a briefing to Nawaz Sharif, he has been told that it is difficult to give a time frame for the operation and that they will try to complete the operation in three weeks. The operation may take the entire month of Ramazan or may end at Mid Ramazan.

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