Tourist Map for Ottoman’s Fatih Mosque or Conqueror Mosque

eyup-sultan-mosqueThe Ottoman’s Faith Mosque also known as Conqueror Mosque is located in Faith district of Istanbul. This is one of the best representative of Turkish and Islamic architecture and development of architectural classics. The mosque was named after Sultan Mehmed who conquered Constantinople in 1453.

Sahn-i-Seman is the historic place for study of Islamic Sciences, law, physics, mathematics, theology, and others which was part of the Faith Mosque and it was founded by Ali Qushji who was a famous Turk astronomer. Faith Mosque was built by Atik Sinan who has strong expertise in his field. This mosque was the first project for ottoman in architectural tradition. The original design of the building included library, school, kitchen, market, hospital, medrese, hamam, hospice, caravanserai and others.

Faith mosque was designed to facilitate both religious and cultural needs and thus was called as Kulliye. The mosque is covered with beautiful and antique granite. A number of calligraphy can be seen in the interior of the mosque that reflects Baroque influence. The while tiles in the mosque are with no comparison with Iznik tiles which were used in Rustem Pasha Mosque. The mihrab of the mosque are still the same as were since its original construction.

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