Tour The Historical Discovered House of the Virgin Mary in Turkey

The-House-of-Virgin-MaryThe House of Virgin Mary (Peace be upon her) is located in the area of Ephesus which is about 7 kilometers away from Selcuk. The house is present on the mount Koressos. It is known to be discovered by taking help from the work of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich who actually was Roman Catholic visionary and Nun of the early 1800s. The house itself was discovered in 19th Century and from then onwards is serving as a pilgrimage site.

The pilgrims visit with the belief that Mary (Peace be upon Her) the Mother of Jesus (Peace be upon Him) was brought to this very place and she continued to live there (as per the catholic doctrine). The Catholic Church has never denied this belief and neither has fully endorsed it. On the contrary to this fact the House has received blessings from several Popes and not only blessings but a number of Popes visited the place as well. Pope Leo XIII visited the place in end of the 1800s whereas more recently in 2006 Pope Benedict XVI visited the House of Mary (Peace be upon Her).

The place is not a very big place but is a moderate size Chapel. It is believed to be a constructed in the times of the twelve Apostles of the Jesus (Peace be upon Him).  Although other landscape changes near the House are recent additions. The main complex is single large room where the Statute of Mary (Peace be upon Her) is placed besides it is a small room which is believed to be the room where Mary (Peace be upon Her) used to rest and sleep moving onwards is a drinking fountain which is believed to have miraculous effects on the who drinks in regards to health and fertility. There is also a wishing wall where the pilgrims paste their wishes which are mostly on a paper or a fabric.


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