Tour Chora Church Museum, Istanbul – Christians Tourist Attraction

Chora-ChurchIstanbul (Turkey) hosts a Byzantine era church which is also known as the ‘Church of Holy Savior in Chora’. The church was later converted into a mosque in the Ottoman era. In 1948 the building was declared as church with the preserved interior and art which dates back to 1453 and the actual place itself is same which was in the 4th and 5th Century. Located in Edirnekapı neighborhood of Istanbul attracts tourists who are interested in observing centuries old art.

Although not as large as other centuries old churches in Istanbul. The Chora Church is known for the beautiful internal decoration which still is in its place even though centuries have passed. Each of the three main parts of the building have amazing art and décor depicting the heritage.

The first part of the church is exonarthex which the visitors enter which in fact is the corridor, this corridor is decorated by 16 Mosaics which are depiction of events which took place thousands of years ago. The other corridor which runs parallel to it but is slightly shorter is known as esonarthex which also has two domes built on it. This corridor has about 21 Mosaics and a number of mosaic are actually the depiction of life of Marry (Peace be upon her). The main hall of the church ‘Naos’ in the similar fashion also has Mosaics which are depiction of the thousands of years old events.

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