Tour Ancient Cistern Beneath Istanbul – The Basilica Cistern

The-Basilica-Cistern-IstanbulThe Basilica Cistern is one of the most ancient structure present in the City of Istanbul, presence of Ancient remains is not a new thing for Istanbul as it hosts number of structures which date back to 6th century as well or even before that. Although few of the historic complex have survived till today. The Cistern was built in Byzantine era by the Emperor of that time Justinian. It is known to be built in 532.

The whole cistern is supported by 336 columns the site of hundreds of columns itself is mesmerizing. The huge cistern’s built along with beautiful fine carvings increase the beauty of the place many folds although it is just a cistern! It is worth visiting especially in summer days it’s a treat to be there. It actually was built for storing water which was to be used in the Great Palace as later the King moved and the palace got deserted the cistern also went unattended and such a time came that now one knew if it existed until 1545 when it was rediscovered by a scholar. The current condition of the cistern is from 1987 when it was renovated and opened up for public.

It is a pleasure to walk on the wooden platforms which are present above the water, while walking you can see multiple schools of carp moving in the water. One can still fill the dripping of water which is coming from the vaulted ceiling.

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