Top Five Super Markets In Karachi

Karachi is the capital of Sindh province. It is the largest city of Pakistan in which is the seaport of Pakistan located. This city is the financial center of Pakistan as well as it is the most populated city of the country. With the limits of city Karachi is the third largest city of the world via population. It is the center of trade and corporations of Pakistan which include textile, fashion, arts, entertainment, automotive, shipping etc.

As Karachi is the center of trade it consists of majority of markets in textile, electronic, and of many other goods. Karachi is the place full of markets of various items. There are many supermarkets in Karachi like Imtiaz Supermarket, Naheed supermarket, chaseup, Metro, CSD, hyperstar, city center, ARY cash and carry supermarket etc.

Let us discuss about a few of them:

Naheed supermarket:It is one the best supermarket in Karachi where customers can get every facility to shop.

It is situated on shaheed-e-millat road Karachi. It emerged as a small grocery outlet in bahdurabad in 1970’s and now its one of the fines supermarkets of Karachi. It is a 3 floored supermarkets the ground is the grocery, second floor has electronic items and third flood has baby and other products.


Metro supermarket: Metro cash and carry supermarket was established in January 2006 in Pakistan. It is a self-service wholesale market and has total 5 branches all over Pakistan 1 in Karachi, 1 in Islamabad, 1 in Faisalabad and 2 in Lahore.

City center: It is located in the main commercial area of Karachi on the main road of shahrah-e-faisal adjacent to Awami Markaz. It is near to a shopping mall, famous banks and other business related buildings. It is a very beautifully decorated.

ARY cash and carry supermarket: It is a sequence of supermarkets which built under the name of famous network of ARY. It is selling branded products at very reliable price. ARY market has made a card scheme through which whenever customer buys anything his points increase and these points are use as discounts.

Makro cash and carry supermarket: It is series of retail positions with different stores of south America and Asia. Its task is to share products with providing knowledge of cost, Varity and quality to focused customers.

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