Top 5 Hyderabad Restaurants-Hotels (Pakistan)

Top 5 Hyderabad RestaurantsEveryone want to eat delicious and yummiest foods for which people always look for best restaurant where they can get different varieties of tasty foods. Hyderabad which is known as second largest city of Sindh contains various top notch restaurants where mouthwatering and tasty foods are available.

Here are top 5 Hyderabad restaurants:

Shareef Biryani:

Biryani is known as favorite dish of most of the people due to which biryani hotels are mostly occupied with large number of people. Shareef Biryani is known as best biryani hotel which cannot be beat by any other biryani outlet. The rate of regular biryani plate is Rs. 100

Location:  Gul Centre, Hyderabad

Salateen Hotel:

If you are Karahi lover, don’t miss Karahi of Salateen hotel who are best in making different types of Karahi. Salateen Hotel has wide range of Pakistani food including BBQ items which are used to be in finger licked taste.

Location: Hala Naka, Hyderabad

Breeze Fish Point:

Breeze fish point in Hyderabad is the name of the fish hut where different varieties of fish including Rao Fish, Palla Fish, Finger Fish as well as prawn will surely make your mouth water. This fish point cannot be missed be any fish lover as it is consider as first choice for sea food. The fish charges are 350-500/- Per Kg

Location: Giddu Chowk, Main Auto Bahn Road, Hyderabad

Pizza 20:

Pizza 20 of Hyderabad is not less than Pizza Hut, California Pizza and 14th Street Pizza in Karachi as Pizza 20 should not be missed by any Pizza lover. Pizza 20 is used to deliver on home as you can get different flavors in Pizza.

Falooda-Liberty Falooda House:

Desserts and sweets cannot be missed in any way as falooda is highly preferable by large number of people when we talk about ice creams or any creamy dessert. Liberty Falooda House is famous for their delicious and lip-smacking falooda which is used to fill with vanilla ice cream, fruits, nuts, rose syrup, basil seeds, falooda sev and many more. A large number of people come to this place in order to enjoy the delicious falooda ever. One glass of falooda is available in Rs. 120-150.

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