Top 5 Digital Agricultural Apps in Pakistan For Farmers

Pakistan is an agricultural country with contribution of almost 19% in the GDP from agriculture and absorption of more than 40% of the labour force of the country. But the concept of agriculture and farming is now being transformed with digital apps.

The top 5 apps which are playing their part in transforming the agricultural sector of Pakistan for the farmer includes:

1) Bakhabar Kissan:

Jazz Bakhabar Kissan is a dedicated app which helps farmers to increase their crop yield with updated information and technology. The information provided by this app covers everything from soil preparation to post-harvest along with livestock & weather updates with audio, video and pictorial presentations.

This app indicates how private organizations such as Jazz can contribute revolutionizing the concept of agriculture in Pakistan.

2) Ricult Pakistan:

Ricult Pakistan is another digital app which is working to increasing productivity & profitability of small farmers in the country by providing them agricultural information, solutions for their problems and providing access to credit & marketplace.

Through the easy application process farmer can get access not only to free agricultural information but also to market for purchases and credit at flexible terms.

3) Kisan Zar Zameen:

Kisan Zar Zameen is a health analysis app which provides multiple services to farmers which includes use of multi spectral imagery from satellites. Soil condition, crop health analysis and weather updates all are provided through this app making it a one stop digital solution for farmers.

By using this app the user can detect crop stress at an early stage, benchmark crop performance and monitor the crop growth. They can also request drone spraying and mapping service which digitalizes the agriculture sector and helps the farmer to increase yield.

4) Kissan Bazaar:

Kissan Bazaar is an online market place where farmer can buy and sell agriculture items. The app includes separate sections for fruit, vegetable, poultry & livestock.

It provides e-commerce facility to the farmer making it easy for the rural farmer to get access to the market directly through his smartphone.

5) Agri Smart:

Punjab Public Management Reform Program (PPMRP) launched ‘Agri Smart’ app for extension workers with a wide range of services including farmer trainings, pest warnings, monitoring agricultural inputs, soil sampling and receiving complaints.

This app will digitalize the work of extension workers which means more easily, accessible and fast service for the farmers in Punjab.

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