Tips To Have A Healthy Ramadan

IftraiLahore: The Holy month of Ramadan has approached us, as we prepare to fast, prey and then carry out our daily activities with regularity. This time Ramadan has come in the hot summer season. It is imperative that we keep ourselves healthy so that our routines stay the same. Here are a few tips based on doctor’s opinions to keep yourself healthy during Ramadan.

Doctors suggest that human should not stay without water for more than 12 hours. So you should keep a water bottle besides you after Maghrib and intake at least 1.5 litres of water daily. Avoid exercise and food that will make you thirstier. Avoid fats foods during Ramadan and keep your diet light. Also take multi vitamins if possible to keep up your vitamins.

Make sure that you have your sehri. Most people eat before sehri and spend the sehri time sleeping. This is not good. According to doctors, sehri is the most important meal during Ramadan and if possible have eggs, lentils and yogurt. Don’t over eat at Iftari time as it will cause indigestion.

Start your Iftari with dates. This is an important Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) and it will also instantly restore your sugar level in your body and give you instant energy. People complain of headaches during Ramadan. This is because their brains are not getting the required level of glucose. Secondly, when you overeat at Iftari, most of the blood circulation is diverted to the digestive system, rendering your brain with less blood supply. This will also cause headaches. Fix your time for sleep to avoid headaches and avoid over eating. Also avoid cigarettes and tea during Ramadan.

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