Thieves Use 3G Scam To Loot Users

mobil etheivesLahore: There have been various incidents in which the people are robbed through their mobile phones. Theft schemes hatched by the professional thieves through mobile devices are a common scenario. But a recent new trick has been identified, which has caused people losses of thousands of rupees and has been recognized as the most dangerous and horrific method of robbing the people of their money.

People are usually called on their cell phones through numbers such as 375 and 371. The caller introduces himself as a representative of a certain mobile company and then asks that person to turn off their mobile phones for two hours so that their 3G services can be upgraded. The poor citizen follows the instructions obediently, after which the fake caller calls that person’s family to demand ransom by claiming that their loved one is in their custody.

The relatives of that person will obviously try to contact him on his phone and on finding the cell phone not responding will start to panic. Most of them have ended up giving handsome ransom money to save their loved ones. These thieves are well informed and will only call after assuring that the concerned person cannot be reached on any other number. So if you get a call like this, don’t turn of your cell phone or call back on that number, but instead call your family and inform them beforehand of such a scam.

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