The Easiest Way to Remove Swelling & Affected Zone Of The Eye

swelling in eyesSwelling and affected zone of the eye which is known as dark circles is a common problem and is usually find in different age groups. There are several reasons that causes dark circles such as heredity, dry skin, aging, spending long hours in front of computer or mobile, physical stress, improper diet and not taking proper sleep.

However, today you will let to know how to deal with these dark circles and swelling of the eye, after which you will be able to remove your eye swelling and affected areas of the eyes. You can use following ingredients for dark circles which you can easily find in your kitchen:

  • Almond Oil:

Almond oil is very helpful for delicate areas of the eyes which appear as darker and swell. Rub almond oil around the affected area regularly in order to remove dark circles

  • Cucumber:

Cumber is known as best remedy to treat dark circles as they contains skin lightening and mild astringent properties. Cut cucumber into two slices and put them over your eyes for at least 10 minutes regularly.

  • Raw Potato:

Potatoes are also beneficial for dark circles because they contains natural bleaching agents. Extract juice of one or two potatoes, dip a cotton pad into the juice and place that cotton bud on your eyelids.

  • Rose Water:

Rose water is highly used for the skin treatments as it provide soothing and refreshing effects to your skin. Place cotton eye pad on your eyes by dipping into it rose water for 15 minutes daily for two times.

  • Tomato And Lemon Juice:

Tomatoes provide great help in order to lighten your skin as well as lemon juice which contains Vitamin C. Take a one tea spoon of tomato juice and half tea spoon of lemon juice and mix them vigorously. Apply the mixture under your eyes for 10 minutes and rinse ii with water. Use this remedy for two times in a day for some weeks.

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