Tahir Shah ‘Eye To Eye’ Receives World Record Award

tahir shahWho in Pakistan doesn’t know Tahir Shah? Yes folks, the creator of the song ‘Eye to Eye’ whose song embezzled and amused millions of people not just across Pakistan, but around the globe as well. Tahir Shah’s song was not that one would expect, but it managed to attract a lot of attention on the TV channels and on the social networking sites. People just couldn’t restrain themselves from commenting on this song.

Tahir Shah’s spirits weren’t dampened a bit by all the sarcasm and criticism as for him; his creation was worth a millions. [alert-success]His confidence in his creation was further strengthened by a recent award bestowed upon him by a British website for the first ever song made on eyes to receive such popularity on the social network [/alert-success] Tahir Shah is beside himself for receiving such acclaim and has vowed to give his fans more songs with him casted as a hero.

Tahir Shah has some guts, you should acknowledge that. His song managed to grab an award among all that criticism and jokes made about his song. Tahir intends to give his fans another dose of his creativity. So hang in tight folks! Because there is yet more to come.

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