Sukkur Express Train Schedule & Daily timings

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Sukkur Express Train is a prestigious and old train that is carrying passengers for plenty of years. It is a train that travels between Karachi and Jacobabad. The train carries passengers on daily basis. The stations are named with respect to city as Karachi 145 up and Jacobabad named 146 down. The timings of all stations are provided here with respect to the latest data available. The train is known as Sukkur Express because it touches the station of Sukkur in between Karachi and Jacobabad.

Timings from Karachi to Jacobabad:

From Karachi to Nawabshah:

Train begins the journey from Karachi City on 22:00, it moves forward to Karachi Cant and reaches there at 22:10, where it waits for 10 minutes and departs at 22:20. Train moves further and reaches Drigh Colony Station at 22:35. It moves ahead and reaches Landhi Junction station at 22:58, then Kotri Junction Station at 00:35. Here the train stays for 15 minutes so that people may take a bit of rest from long journey and leaves at 00:50. Later the train reaches at Hyderabad Junction at 1:05.

From Kot Lallo to Lakha Road:

Train leaves Nawabshah Junction at 3:00 pm, the next stop is Kot Lallo where it reaches at 3:42, then Pad Idan Junction at 03:55, then Bhiria Road at 4:09, then Lakha Toad at 04:28.

From Mahrabpur to Sukkur and Forward:

The train leaves Lakha Road at 4:28, then it heads for Mahrabpur Junction where it reaches at 04:48, then Setharka at 05:07, then Ranipur Riyasat at 05:24, then Gambat at 05:40, then Khairpur at 06:20.

The train leaves Khairpur at 06:22, then heads for Rohri Junction and reaches there at 07:00. Train stops here for 20 minutes so that passengers may buy necessary things then heads for Sukkur Kunction where it reaches at 07:30. Here the train stops and waits for 30 long minutes.

Train leaves Sukkur station at 08:00. Reaches Shikarpur at 08:45 and lastly Jacobabad at 09:45.

Timings from Jacobabad to Karachi:

The schedule and stations from Jacobabad to Karachi are in reverse order to the aboce.

Note: Fares and prices of tickets are revised so they aren’t included here. Please reach the concerned department at 02135499111.

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