Subak Raftar Express Train Schedule & Daily timings

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Subak Raftar is a renowned and prestigious train in Pakistan railways having served the public for long years. Pakistan is full of beautiful natural beauty and Pakistan railways provide you an opportunity to visit them, thus it has made the nature’s beauty accessible. This train connect Lahore station named 101 up with the station of Rawalpindi named 102 down. The detailed timings and major railways it touches are enlisted here with respect to the latest data available.

Timings and Stations of Train from Lahore to Islamabad:

From Lahore to Wazirabad Junction:

Train starts its journey from Lahore Junction at 7:00 pm. It is a fast moving train that catches the next station by 07:54 and reaches Gujranwala. From here the train continues and leaves at 07:56 until it reaches Wazirabad Junction at 08:20.

From Wazirabad to Lala Musa:

Train continues forward on a long way ahead after Wazirabad. The train touches the city of Gujrat at 08:38, then the station of Lala Musa at 9:02.

From Jhelum to Rawalpindi:

After reaching Lala Musa train carries the passengers further and reach Jhelum at 09:35, then Gujjar Khan at 10:41 then Rawalpindi at 11:30. Here the train stays for 10 minutes and leaves from Islamabad.

The train reaches its final destination of Islamabad by 12:05.

Timings and Stations of Train from Islamabad to Lahore:

Here the train travels in reverse order to the above and leaves Rawalpindi at 16:30 whereas reaches Lahore Jn at 21:05.

Note: Prices and of ticket aren’t included here due to regular changes. Passenger must consult the respected department for this at 0215499111.

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