The Strange Man Living Without Money In Ireland

markDublin:  In Ireland is a person who is living without money. Mark bile has no source of income and therefore he does not have any money. Eating, bathing, travel and accommodation, he would not have any money, how it is possible to come to know the language. Mark Bile says “7 years ago when I was in the final year of Business and Economics degree, I saw that they live without money, so I do not believe. After I graduated from a good university and I would buy from income. But the last 15 months I have not had any money I could spend.

I am completely free of all human needs. This change in my life came when one evening my friend was sitting on the boat, was philosophical discourse. He had a view of the Mahatma Gandhi “If you want to change the world,” I was impressed, but I did not understand what I need to change.

We then pollution, population, the environment and the productive discussions on various issues, I realized that this is not a problem and they ignored the root of all our procurement procedures, and the shop why user separation rate has increased. I blame this separation is money, especially when it is present in the entire world. For example, if we grow our food ourselves, then we will not waste it like they are doing now.

So to change the lifestyle I have chosen. I eat three meals a day and eat a hundred people were rescued, but I did not rely on wasted food, but felt himself growing and production in the year I lost only 5%. Cook outside, made ​​of wood and straw burns wood to heat the house, I’m bathing in a canal, the tooth will be used to clear tree branches.

I think some people are against capitalism, even though I am not opposed to any system. Today I am very happy and satisfied with my life, instead of money because I have friends who are my real security. Europe’s sense of spiritual poverty and freedom are also different.


I just filled a sigh When bills ask about old life, the working people, traffic jams, home and utility,


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