St Regis Abu Dhabi Offers Iftar in the Sky

St RegisSt Regis Abu Dhabi has started offering special and elite Iftar in the Sky package in which more than 50 people can go and enjoy special and extravagant variety of food which will be given in buffet form at the live cooking stations present there. The menu also includes special beverages, which will be prepared specifically for Ramzan. The venue for this Sky High Iftar is the royal Abu Dhabi Suite which is at 48th floor and 200 meters above the ground.

This extravagant food of St Regis can fill the appetite in Dh300 (excluding tax) per person but a minimum spend of Dh 10,000. Keeping in mind the minimum spend limit, if 30 people attend the Iftar the actual cost per head inclusive of taxes will be around Dh 350 per head. The deal seems to be mouthwatering and jaw dropping too as the attendees will eat, sitting 200 meters above the city.

The fun part is that the Abu Dhabi suite can be accessed by its own private elevator which itself is hidden as it is secretly located. The deals seems fine for family gatherings and corporate events. The royal suite will provide exquisite environment along with Privacy at the same time.

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