Sindh: Municipality Department Is Facing Severe Financial Crisis

Municipality Departments in Sindh are facing severe financial crisis from last few years. Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC) told that Sindh government recently increased salaries and pension of workers and ex employees making it difficult for the municipality to run its affairs smoothly.

That’s why KMC has witten a letter to the finance ministry and local government authorities to increase the monthly grant by 500 million then we will be able to pay salaries and pension of workers and ex employees. Owing to which employees of Sindh government are not performing their duties in proper way.

KMC official stated that increase the budget of salaries and pension of workers and ex employees up to 1300 million. The municipality required other than salary component petroleum, medicines, gas, diets etc. which is very important to run the municipality in proper way.

KMC and DMC (District Municipal Corporation) requested to Sindh government and finance ministry to immediately increase its grant from 500 to 1000 million so that they can run the municipality in effective manner.

By Talha Pasha

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