Signal, Snowden’s Android App to Secure Communication in Pakistan

Signal-encrypted-appThe newly launched Snowden’s App which is set to secure communication by encrypted signal has recently launched on Android as it earlier it was only available on IOS. Signal Snowden App has hit Google’s Play store and is allowing all Android users to send encrypted messages to their friends and family.

Signal App was developed by Open Whisper Systems provides free encrypted calling and texting, video and image in order to preserve privacy. Snowden’s app is able to encrypt all medium of communications including images, videos coming from Android signal as all data will be encrypted before coming into your mobile. However the app has been endorsed by former Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) officer Edward Snowden.

It is worth mentioning here that Open Whisper Systems has also launched encrypted voice and encrypted text app named as Redphone and TextSecure respectively for Andorid in the past. Similarly, Signal Snowden’s App is able to encrypt voice calling and texting as it meets with all need of encrypted communication.

On the other hand, private communication are also getting misuse with the help of these types of Apps as secret agent are used to read private communication by using several interception methods.

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