Shaheen, Gola, Liaquat & Meeana Bazaar In Peshawar Bans Entry Of Men

peshawarPeshawar: Men have been banned from entering four shopping areas in Peshawar. This ban on the entry of men will be applicable from today in the four bazaars or shopping areas of Peshawar. Police women will be stationed in these bazaars specifically to provide security and special security arrangements have been put into place to tweak up the security of these bazaars during these days.

As the Muslim festival, Eid-ul-Fitr, celebrated at the end of Ramazan approaches, women are busy in their shopping and the hustle and bustle of these bazaars is increasing day by day. As more and more woman turn towards shopping, the security arrangements have also been tightened. The restriction on men’s entry will be imposed on Meena Bazaar, Shaheen Bazaar, Gora Bazaar and Liaquat Bazaar.

The exit points of these bazaars will be guarded by both policemen and policewomen. Men will however be allowed to enter these bazaars when accompanied with their families. A security plan for these bazaars has been drafted upon which the security authorities will duly act.

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