Self Stirring Mug Removes the Need of Hectic Spooning

Self Stirring MugSelf-Stirring Mug is all here to make your free from the need of hectic spooning as it will give you the best stirring solution through which you can enjoy your coffee, tea and other types of hot drinks. However there is no need of any spooning for your perfect drinks as mug is set to self-stirred your hot beverages and allow you to get free from washing spooning utensils.

How To Use Self-Stirring Mug:

  • First you will need to put two AAA batteries at the bottom of the cup
  • Pour your favorite hot beverage into the mug
  • Add sugar, cream or anything you want to stir with your drink
  • Press the button which is given on the handle of the mug
  • Now enjoy your yummiest and tasty beverage in a while

How It Works:

  • A spinning plastic disk has been set in mug which will stir your drink in a rotating motion and will give delicious and blended beverage

How It Looks Like:

  • Self-Stirring mug is made up of Stainless steeldue to which it looks attractive and beautiful
  • Mug also contains lock lid which will keep your drink hot


  • 4 3/8″ H x 3 3/8″ W in dimensions
  • 14 oz. in weight

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