Security Deposits Raised Up For New Accounts: Dewa

Security Deposits has increased For New Accounts:DUBAI: The security deposit has been twice by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA ). The refundable deposit for Electricity and Water connections for an apartment raised to Dh 2,110 from Dh 1,110 and for a cottage to Dh 4,100 from Dh 2,100, completed a Dewa customer centre official. The new rate has been in effect from 21st September ,2014.

DEWA made clear that the higher rate did not be relevant to residents in accessible boundaries. “DEWA is not raising security deposits for accessible customers in their existing boundaries but there is a new rate for security deposits for new move-ins to make sure that new occupants would not be influenced by any due bills from ex tenants,” the authority said in a speech on Wednesday.

“DEWA wants to force that all security deposits are fully-returnable on clearing the final bill, so that residents would carry on to obtain world-class electricity and water services.” The news distressed residents already got down by increasing rents. “This is just silly,” said Karim, who charges an apartment in Discovery Gardens. “It just created things bad for new tenants because they are already suffering because of high rents.

Normally people ought not to be anxious about it because it’s a deposit and they would regain. But it’s still silly because with the current ramble in rent and now this new deposit, it’s just too much for people to pay off.” Another occupant said the refund process ought to be rapid and simple.

“I’ve never experienced a refund process with Dewa yet but in most cases to recover money you have to face lots of Difficult,” said Bilal, who was to clear an amount of Dh230 that his property-owner had not arranged when he first went into his apartment.

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