Scenic & Mountainous Jeep Safari Tour in Pakistan

Jeep_Hunza-ValleyALLAH has blessed Pakistan with beautiful sceneries and no doubt that Pakistan is heavens on earth especially the mighty mountains which stand firm and upright in the northern region. Pakistan is also home to the world’s second highest mountain peak the K2. Other beauties include Naran Kaghan, Hunza Valley and the famous Saif-ul-Malook Lake going further north the Astore Valley and the mesmerizing Lakes and Plateaus along with series of peaks welcome the visitors. Jeep safari is one of the adventurous ways to explore the beautiful landscapes of Pakistan. We have explored one of the leading jeep safari operators of Pakistan and will provide the readers complete information regarding the safari.

Jeep safari Pakistan’s famous safaris includes three adventurous safaris covering different regions of the beautiful Pakistan. One of the voyage lasts for 22 days starting from Rawalpindi exploring through Skardu, Hunza, Chitral and Swat. The other trip which lasts for 19 Days initiates from Rawalpindi heading towards Gilgit, Hunza, Skardu and Murree. Another trip which covers the cultural heritage along with the scenic beauty initiates from Lahore moving towards Peshawar then onwards to Swat and Chitral, moving further towards Shandoor, Hunza, Gilgit and Sust ends at Islamabad.

The 22 Days Northern Jeep Safari

Day-1: Arriving at Islamabad, night stay also in Islamabad.

Day-2: Voyage starts after the breakfast, depart for the beautiful Saif-ul-Malook Lake, trekking in the beautiful surrounding areas of Saif-ul-Malook. Afterwards will drive to Naran for an overnight stay there.

Day-3: Post breakfast depart for a full day expedition in Lalazar after spending the day there drive back to Naran. Night stay in Naran again.

Day-4: In the morning depart for Skardu, night stay at Skardu.

Day-5: Leave for Khaplu you can enjoy hiking there along with sightseeing.

Day-6: A full day excursion to Shigar Valley. The valley is known to be the gateway to the Karakoram peaks. Gasherbrum chain of peaks also being present there. Back to Skardu for night stay.

Day-7: Early morning visit of Satpara Lake. The lake is not only famous for its scenic beauty but also for the trout fish. Then in the afternoon drive towards Kachura Lake. Night stay in Skardu or Shangri-La.

GilgitDay-8: Early morning depart for Gilgit about 6 hours’ drive if going via the Indus George route. Night stay at Gilgit.

Day-9: Depart for Hunza, the way leading towards Hunza along with the Hunza River is the Karakoram highway which connects Pakistan with China. Hunza and Nagar valleys are famous for their beauty. The people residing in these valleys have amazing health, they have longer lives as well they are also known for their exemplary hospitality. The famous Rakaposhi is accessible only on foot after a walk of roughly 4 to 5 hours from the road. The area has abundance of Apples, Apricots, Grapes and Peaches. Gulmit village is the stop which is a beautiful remote village. Night stay also at Gulmit.

Day-10: The day starts with departure to Batura glaciers which is 45 minutes’ drive away from Gulmit. Afterwards visit to Hoper village from where the beautiful scenery of Rakaposhi can enjoyed. Later on depart for Gilgit in the afternoon. Overnight stay at Gilgit.

snow-leapordDay-11: A day excursion of Naltar Valley which is 3 hours’ drive away. A beautiful lush green valley home to the Ibex, snow leopards and Markhor. Back to Gilgit for night stay.

Day-12: Depart in the morning for Phander Lake, 9 hours’ drive along with Gilgit River. The lake is one of the great fishing spots in Pakistan famous for its trout fish. Night stay at PTDC Motel.

Day-13: Stay at Phandar lake for fishing, hiking and rest with night stay at PTDC Motel.

Day-14: Depart for Chitral which is 8 -10 hours’ drive away. Night stay in Chitral.

Day-15: Visit to Kalash valley, village Bamburet which is 2 hours’ drive away. Night stay at PTDC Motel.

Day-16: Early morning visit to Village Birir along with Hiking. Depart for Chitral in afternoon for night stay there in the PTDC Motel.

Day-17: A full day excursion to Garm Chashma famous for hot springs and scenic beauty. Return to Chitral for night stay.

Day-18: Depart for Peshawar by air. Sightseeing of Peshawar along with night stay there.

Day-19: Visit to Khyber Pass the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Night stay in Peshawar.

Day-20: Depart for Swat Valley. Sightseeing along with visit to a famous Museum housing rich collection of the Gandhara art.

Day-21: Morning trip to Miandam along with Madian and Bahrain. Famous for scenic beauty.

Day-22: Depart for Rawalpindi.


Naltar Valley is home to Ibex, Markhor and Snow leopards.

The 19 Days Northern Jeep Safari

Day-1: Arrivals at Rawalpindi. Night in a Hotel in Rawalpindi.

Day-2: Depart for Gilgit via the Karakoram Highway. Night stay in Besham.

Day-3: Leave Besham in morning for Gilgit which is 9 hours’ drive away. Night stay in Gilgit.

naltar_valleyDay-4: A day trip to Naltar to enjoy fishing and hiking there. Back to Gilgit for night stay.

Day-5: Depart for Hunza Valley which is 4 hours’ drive away. Night stay at Gulmit Village in Hunza. Rakaposhi may be accessed through a 4- 5 hours of walk.

Day-6: A visit to Batura Glacier and on the way to Hoper village as well. Night stay at Karimabad in Hunza.

Day-7: Depart for Gilgit. Night stay in Gilgit.

Day-8: Early morning depart for Astore Valley, home to the Nanga Parbat peak. Night stay in PTDC Motel Rama Lake.

Day-9: Full day stay at Rama Lake for Fishing and Hiking. Rama Lake is famous for trout fish.

Day-10: Depart for Skardu via Deosai plains home to grass plateau. Night stay in Skardu.

Day-11: A full day excursion to the Shigar valley, known as the gateway to the Karakoram peaks. Drive back to Skardu for night stay.

Day-12: Depart for Khaplu Valley famous for abundance in fruits and is surrounded by mighty Karakoram peaks. Night stay in Khaplu at PTDC Motel.

Day-13: Staying in Khaplu, visit to the surrounding village along with Hiking.

Day-14: Leave for Skardu. Night stay in Skardu.

Satpara_LakeDay-15: Trip to Satpara Lake. In the afternoon depart for Kachura Lake. Night stay in Skardu, Shangrila Resort.

Day-16: A day at Kachura, to enjoy fishing and hiking. Trout being the famous fish at Kachura. Night stay in Skardu.

Day-17: Depart for Islamabad by air. Flying over the majestic Himalaya and Karakoram Range. Night stay in Islamabad.

Day-18: A day visit to Murree. Driving back to Islamabad for Night stay.

Day-19: A trip to Taxila Museum along with sightseeing in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Departures to home.

Pakistan – China border is the highest Land border in the whole world.

The 19 Days Jeep Safari

Day-1: Arrival in Lahore. Visit to Lahore Museum, dinner at the famous and traditional Food Street of Lahore. Night stay in Lahore.

Day-2: Trip to Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort along with Tomb of Jehangir, Shalimar Gardens and Tomb of Noor Jehan. Dinner at the Village Restaurant and night stay in Lahore.

Day-3: Leave for Peshawar by air. Visit to Peshawar museum in the afternoon along with the visit to Qissa Khawani bazaar and Mahabat Khan Mosque and sarafa bazaar. Night stay in a hotel.

Day-4: Trip to Khyber Pass and Afghan Border. Drive back to Peshawar for night stay.

Swat ValleyDay-5: Road trip to Swat via the Malakand Pass. Visit of Shingardar Stupa on the way too. Visit of Swat Museum and Gulkada Archaeological site in the afternoon. Night stay in Saidu Sharif, PTDC Motel.

Day-6: Depart for Chitral via the Lowari Pass. Visit to the Shahi Mosque along with the Bazaar. Night stay in Chitral.

Day-7: Leave for Kalash valley on the jeep to explore the towns of Bamburate and Rambor. Night stay at PTDC Motel Bamburate.

Day-8: Voyage to Mastuj on Jeep via Chitral. Night stay in Mastuj.

Day-9: Depart for Phandar via Shandoor Pass. Night stay in Phandar at PTDC Motel.

Day-10: Leave for Gilgit. Night stay in Gilgit.

Day-11: Depart for Hunza. Night stay also at Hunza.

Day-12: A full day to explore Hunza, visit local villages along with Altit and Baltit forts. Trip to Duiker View in the evening to enjoy the Sun Set. Night stay in Hunza.

khunjerab-passDay-13: Trip to Khanjerab Pass, Pakistan – China Border. It is the highest Land border in the whole world. Lunch in Sust while travelling back to Hunza. Night stay in Hunza.

Day-14: Visit in the morning to Women’s Handicraft along with a memorable walk on a wooden suspension bridge. Lunch at Rakaposhi view point. Head towards Gilgit for Dinner and Night stay.

Day-15: Depart for Besham by Jeep. Night stay in Besham, PTDC Motel.

Day-16: Leave for Islamabad on Jeep. Visit sites on the way along with Taxila Museum. Night stay in Islamabad.

Day-17: Full day excursion of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Day-18: One day trip of Murree. Driving Back to Islamabad for night stay.

Day-19: Departures for Home.

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