Saudis Might Get More than 20,000 Security Guard Jobs

Saudis may get 20,000 security guard jobsMore than 20,000 jobs would be obtainable for Saudi early stages as security guards in mall parking lots and public markets under a new development introduced by a specialized committee head Maj. Gen. Mohammed Al-Juhani, a security adviser, said.
“The strengthening of security measures to the benefits of immeasurable youth, who would be able to grip every obtainable job,” he said.

The development, which is under way, would make sure a considerable enhance in employment rates, in addition to improved security, he said.
“Still, it is very important that CCTV cameras are fixed at these parking lots in order for establishment to intercept cases of stealing and misconduct.”

“The centre Ministry would advantage from this nationalization scheme, since citizens might be more up to taking the security of their own country,” said Al-Juhani.

Mahmoud Rashwan, a member of the National Commercial, said reduction observation at private parking amenities would improve security and attract more shoppers.
“The new rules proposing that mall owners owed parking spots a few meters away a best one in theory, but is not easy to employ since land prices are too elevated and would charge mall owner millions of riyals, which they would have to comprise by increasing the price of hourly parking,” he said.

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