Saudia Arabia Taking Measure Steps to leash in Asian Wages

aThe Kingdom is having steps to control the enhance in the monthly salaries of uneducated workers from Asian countries, such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Afghanistan.

The Council of Saudi Chambers (CSC) has created a committee to check and study the information issued by Asian countries, which repeatedly effort to enhance the minimum wage of their workers,” said Mansour Al-Shithri.

[alert-success]According to sources, he said that there is a propensity among Asian countries, particularly India, to methodically increase the salary of uneducated or household service workers to SR1, 500 a month.[/alert-success]
He said that these countries have been gathering to join their posture toward the GCC, particularly Saudi Arabia, vis-a-vis workers’ salaries since 2003.
The CSC is presently learning the decisions completed by the 11 countries to confirm whether their policies are well-matched with standards set by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and other tactful systems,” he said.
He added that the decision to make a minimum wage for each country would oppose ILO conditions because it could cause discrimination in salaries, which would be based on nationality or country.
Al-Shithri added that his committee would maintain a crisis meeting after the team has confirmed its studies on the matter.
“A total of 747,000 Indian workers have gone home in 2012. 357,000 moved towards to Saudi Arabia and 364,000 enter into other GCC countries. This means that 96 % of the total number of Indian workers entered to GCC countries,” he said.

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