Saudi Woman Killed Brutally Because Of Her Hijab

hijabLondon: A Saudi Muslim Woman was recently killed barbarically by a mob in the election city of Colchester. The crime for which the 30 year old Muslim woman was punished so brutally was that she was a Muslim and wore a hijab. Is this the act of a peace loving nation? The west has continuously called the Muslims as extremists, so what about this atrocious act? Is this not extremism?

According to reports, the 30 year old victim had been targeted before due to her hijab before shamefully. The police superintendent Tracy Hawkings suspected hijab the reason behind the death of the Saudi woman. She said that investigations will give importance to this aspect. The police has arrested a 52 year old British man in this case.

According to details, the Saudi woman left her home for some chores in the morning, when she was attacked at a footpath bordering a playground not far from her house. She was attacked with knives and her face and body had knife wounds all over. It is unfortunate to witness such incidents in so called liberal states and incidents like these are on a rise, where women are increasingly targeted because they chose to wear an Islamic dress according to their customs.

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