Saudi Authorities Accused Of Indiscrimination

madinaMedina: Saudi Gazette has reported that the foreign women visiting the Medina mosque have been complaining about inappropriate behaviour and discrimination from the mosque management. The foreigners report that they are forced to comply with the demands of the Saudi Women. The foreign women are forced to vacate their places for the Saudi women. They said that the Saudi women were given a priority in every case.

The foreign women also complained that often they were made to wait in a long queue when visiting the resting place of the holy Prophet (SAW). One of the pilgrims, Zainab Abdul Faisal quoted that at reaching the resting place of Holy Prophet (SAW), they started chanting in a particular voice to express their delight, at which the Saudi supervisor scolded them and then sent them out of the place immediately.

The foreign women also stated that the Saudi and gulf women were taken in separate groups. Palestinian Zahida Ammara stated that she waited for hours to visit the resting place of Holy Prophet (SAW), but on reaching she was not allowed to stay there for more than five minutes. In response to the complaints against the authority of Masjid-e-Nabvi, the director of information and public relation commented that the complaints of discriminatory treatment from the Saudi officials was pointless and that the women were divided in groups according to their country. No woman was allowed to stay at the resting place of prophet (SAW) for more than five minutes, as other women also needed to be given a chance to visit the Holy place.

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