Saudi Arabia Rejected False Reports To Declare Sect

Hajj FormThe officials of the Ministry of Hajj has denied all the false reports which are circulating around the Muslim countries that Pilgrims now have to declare their sect before entering the Kingdom for Hajj. According to a report published in the local newspaper of Saud Arabia, the Ministry of Hajj in the Kingdom has issued statement in which it was clearly mentioned that only Pakistani Ministry of Hajj has added additional box to declare the sect of Haji’s in the Hajj form.

“It was the Pakistan Haj Ministry that has issued a form asking its pilgrims to declare their sect “for their own regulatory procedures,” statement issued by the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

The ministry also said that all the reports that are circulating on social media on the issue of sect discrimination by Saudi Arabia are totally false. It has been also said on the social media that the government would investigate all the expatriates in order to determine their beliefs, but Ministry of Hajj has also declared this allegation baseless.

The sources of the Ministry of Hajj said that the Hajj form circulating on social media is “a violation of the Kingdom’s policy against sectarianism and racism.”

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