Saudi Arab Declares War Against Terrorism As A Global Responsibility

terrorismJeddah: Saudi Arab has declared war against terrorism as a global obligation and has stated that the world is faced with the worst challenge of all in the form of terrorism. It also stated that terrorism cannot stay restricted to the boundaries of any country. It is not only one country’s responsibility, but it is the responsibility of the entire world.

Permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations, H.E Ambassador Abdallah Al-Mouallimi was talking to the General Assembly of the United Nations. He expressed his grief for the losses in the attack at the Karachi International airport and the attack on the Turkish Embassy in Iraq.

The Saudi representative expressed his hope that the global community will realize the intensity of the situation and will unite against the war on terrorism. He said the Saudi Arab was also a target of these terrorist activities and that Saudi Arabia had taken steps at the country, regional and global level to deal with this situation. He said that individual and foreign terrorists were an equal threat. He also appreciated the endeavours of the United Nation against terrorism.

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