Sao Paulo Couple Find Out That They Are Siblings To Each Other

sau paulloSao Paulo: A couple in Brazil tragically found out a hard truth about their relationship. Being married for seven years with a child, the couple found out that they were brother and sister to each other. This tragic incident took place with a 37 year old resident of Sao Paulo, Adriana, who had met her husband 10 years before her marriage.

Adriana had returned to her home town ten years before after her first marriage had ended. She fell in love with a truck driver Landro and three years later they decided to get married. Their daughter was born a year after their marriage. Both Adriana and Landro had known that their mothers had left them in their childhood and were looking for their mothers.

Adriana contacted a local radio to locate her mother through a special program broadcasted by teh network. The radio network was successful in locating her mother. When Adriana’s mother revealed that she had also abandoned her son from her second marriage, then Adriana started to fear that her abandoned son might be her husband Landro. Adriana was shocked after confirmation of the fact that he husband was actually her brother. But the couple have decided to continue with their marriage after this fact.

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