Salman Khan Calls Twitter and Facebook Useless

salman khanIndian Bollywood actor Salman Khan was all keen to benefit from the idea of the social networking sites. He was all set to use these sites in as a platform to benefit his fans and followers. Salman Khan had come up with the innovative idea of posting on these social networking sites for the unemployed so that this site may be used to help the unemployed find jobs. But unfortunately, the site that he had created could not deal with the high traffic and it crashed. Well so much for social networking.

Salman Khan was at a promotional ceremony of his latest movie ‘Kick’ where he took a chance to comment on Facebook and Twitter. He called Facebook and Twitter as ‘Bakwaas’ meaning rubbish. He said that the speedy response that he used to get on his tweets made him wonder whether people had any work to do or not? Salman said that Facebook and Twitter was the most redundant and useless tool he said that from the speedy replies that he got, it seemed that people were constantly logged on.

Salma said that he used to log on to Facebook and Twitter when he was free and would send an occasional tweet of ‘Aur Kia Chal Raha Hai?’ or he would send a picture. But the speed at which he would get replies was astonishing. It made him wonder if people had to go to school, colleges or their jobs or were they just sitting idle. He said that people should give some meaning to these social networking sites.

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