Religious Police Abuses : Saudi Woman Flogging, Imprisonment

Saudi womanAppellate Court of the city of Makka in Saudi Arabia, a criminal court subordinate woman sentenced to 50 lashes and a month is confirmation. According to reliable resources, convicted woman is a businesswoman. The Case was made against her when religious police raid on a cafe and she started abusing and a ‘liar’ declared to them.

The Saudi woman who was sentenced owned cafes raided and police allegedly hostile incident occurred several months ago. The raid came after police with a criminal investigation into the FIR lodged against the owner of the cafe. Woman was arrested on the orders of the court. Criminal Court initially woman was sentenced to 05 days in prison and 10 lashes punishment.

Police appeal to religious convictions challenged in court. Appeals Court police reports, witness statements and the embodiment of the respondents after hearing the sentence, calling it inadequate criminal court to review the sentence.

Court criminal case and the woman in a month’s imprisonment and ordered fifty whipped. Female lawyers appealed the case to the criminal court judges in the Court raised the final confirmation of penalty are called.

According to details, a few months ago during a routine police raid on a cafe in Jeddah then do something illegal aliens were found. She fled having seen the police. Police seized from the hotel and some of the major things that were compiled report come amid threat mistress. In insults at police, calling him a liar, and he has publicly cursed the Renaissance.

She said the police officers in a lawsuit filed in court as a witness to testify. Witnesses, including a woman police officer.

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