Rehabilitation Program For Extremist Women To Start In Saudi Arabia

saudiJeddah: The interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia has confirmed reports about a program planned by the Saudi government to rehabilitate the extremist women. According to a statement issued by the interpreter of interior minister, General Mansoor Alturki, women who had been arrested under the accusations of terrorism will also undergo rehabilitation similar to men.

The spokesperson for the interior ministry also stated that this program will nurture the minds of these women and will eradicate extremist thoughts from their minds. The relatives of these women will also be contacted for assistance. It must be brought under notice, that already ‘Mohammad Bin Naïf Consulting and Care Centre’ is operating Saudi Arabia for these extremists.

The extremist people are treated at these centres. But women were not given attention in this respect before due to their less numbers. A separate department may be established for women. Saudi Arabia has successfully treated about 66 AL Qaeda terrorists and has released them. Previous week, Yemen handed Saudi Arabia a Saudi woman who had joined the Al Qaeda forces in Yemen without informing her family.

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