Regulations Tightened On Marriage Between Pakistani And Saudi National

saudi menRiyadh: Saudi government has tightened regulations over Saudi men willing to marry foreign women. According to sources, the Saudi government has applied additional requirements on the Saudi men that they need to fulfil before deciding to marry foreign women. The minimum age of Saudi Man willing to marry a foreigner should be 25 years and they will need to submit an application to the concerned government department and department of government expenditures.

Saudi Nationals cannot marry with  Pakistani, Bangladeshi or a Myanmar woman. Strict regulations have been imposed on these Saudi men. According to the director of Makkah police, these men should be at least 25 years old and should submit their particulars with attestation from the provincial minister. The application should also have a copy of the family card and other documents attached to it.

Men who are already married should submit a certificate acquired from the hospital to certify that their first wife is ill, handicapped or infertile. Divorced Saudi men will only be allowed to marry after 6 months of their divorce. The government will not give permission to marry women from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chad and Myanmar.

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