How To Recover Lost Data of Mobile Memory Card

PhotoRec LogoMobile phone users usually faced many problems when their pictures, videos or important documents are lost or mistakenly deleted but now they can easily recover their lost data of mobile memory card. There are many user friendly softwares have been introduced by which the lost or deleted data from mobile phone memory cards can easily recovered. Some softwares are difficult in terms of use or which can’t be used by all the users while some softwares and ways are so simple that anyone can use it easily without any difficulty. However, “PhotoRec” software by ‘CG Security’ is free and can be easily downloaded from internet.

Steps to Recover Memory Card Data

  • First of all, Connect your memory card with computer and launch ‘PhotoRec’ software.
  • Secondly, select your memory card from the provided list by using arrow keys on your keyboard but if you are facing problem in searching of your memory card, search with the size.
  • After sorting out the correct memory card, press Enter and the new screen will emerge in front of you.
  • Select “Fat32” option shown on your screen.
  • Now two options of “Free” and “Whole” showed on your screen. If you want to recover the Deleted data select “Free” and if your memory card is Corrupt, then select “Whole” and press Enter.recover Mobile data
  • Now this software will ask you to select the location where you want to save your recovered data, Select the location and Press “C” button.
  • Process of recovering the data will automatically begin on this software now and this will usually took maximum 30 minutes to restore your data however scanning time is based upon the size of your memory card.
  • Hope that after the completion of this procedure, you will recover your lost or deleted data.lost-data2

Some Basic Instructions To Follow

  • Before entering in the recovery process, keep in mind that when you delete any picture or data from your memory card, the space of that data showed empty but the deleted data remains there until or unless you transfer any other data in memory card.
  • Make sure before entering in the recovery procedure that no other data should be transferred in memory card after the data deleted mistakenly or in case of memory card is corrupt.
  • It is necessary to first start the recovery process and receive your lost data and then transfer any other document, picture or video in memory card.

There is no 100% chances of data recovery through this process, however maximum people had recovered their data by using this procedure.

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